What's with all the Tamie Yarie mania all of a sudden?

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE her kits and she has always been my favorite artist. It just seems that now I see people on several boards looking for Yarie kits. Why all the interest all of a sudden?

Not sure about everyone else but she is one of my favorite artist. I get every new kit she comes out with. (I can’t help myself) I also have some of her older kits that I’m not willing to part wth. I love Adrie Stoete too. But I don’t by all of her kits because frankly…she comes out with too many at a time. So I pick and choose on hers.


I was wondering the same thing as I just sold a Natalie kit to one of our board members. But maybe it’s because they are so limited


Mimi, your Maxi is fabulous!!! I’m am in looooooovvvvve. I guess that’s why the Yarie babies are so popular.

Ah. My first Yarie to reborn was an Ashton and I loved him! I wanted to get Brylee but he sold out before I could. I have also reborn Ivy, Maggie and Julianna who is my forever baby. I would love to have all her kits but they are pricey and I can’t always afford them. The same with Adrie’s babies. I love those too but once again can’t always afford them when they come out.

I love her work because she is a stickler for details, I really fell for Samiah and Max because I love doing preemies and dressing them. I finished her as an AA and trying to decide on what Max will be.