What's the difference between Nod and other babies?

I am thinking about buying Nod from BB, the seconds kit for $19.99. Do you paint and bake like all the other babies? Do you stuff the body and head with glass beads and poly fil? I’m just wondering the difference over all. Is this for smaller kids? Any info would be great! Thanks!

I’ve done NOD twice, once with a soft body, and once with the hard body – In my case, both ended up with kids, so I didn’t fill the limbs at all, but did stuff the soft body…the hard body went as it was without weight.

So, you don’t stuff the hard body at all? Or the legs, arms and head? Are they hollow?

I didn’t stuff, some people do - it just seemed not worth the effort to cut the vinyl enough to stuff it for me! Would you like to see the photos? click on this link - I posted some earlier this month


Thank you. They are very cute, you did a great job! IDK, I think I might wait on this kit. Thanks for your help!

I like Blinkin but have been waiting till my granddaughter was older since I think they would work great for kids. I think the size is what held me back on making them for myself. They would feel too much like dolls to me.

Thank you jjessie, that’s what I was thinking, that it would come out looking too much like a doll.