What you do is important!

I am having a really hard time with my depression and anxiety the last two weeks. I wanted to show you how the beautiful babies you make and sell can really help someone.

(When I’m feeling like this, I rotate my babies :grin:. Today it’s Sage’s turn. :heart:)

I’m holding her and watching Project Runway reruns. :yum:

Thank you for what you do!

(BTW, Sage was created by the talented Alice Kay. )


I too find comfort in my babies! I have a nice collection of them, so depends on my needs, I grab the one that fits. You’re so cute with your baby xoxo Project Runway is one of my fav shows, my son now 23 has been sewing since he was 3!! Maybe someday we will see him on there :slight_smile:


Absolutely! :heavy_heart_exclamation: I am the same way. These babies bring so much comfort to me. Living with anxiety and depression on a daily basis is rough! When I pick them up for a cuddle nothing else in the world matters. Just a calmness comes over me like no other.


I have dealt with severe depression in the past and I wish I had known about reborns then (they where not as popular). I am still very careful about symptoms now and I find that painting them help me immensely.
Thoses little cute things help so much !
Take care of yourself and cuddle as you want :two_hearts:


I do the same thing! It’s nice to know others do the same things I do…I mean it’s not nice that we all have to deal with these issues, but to know you’re not alone in the method you use to cope makes it feel more relatable.

To tell you the truth, anxiety and stress was one of the main reasons I decided if I could find a 3 month Joseph kit, I would get it. The reason why, is depending on my level of stress/anxiety depends on the weight that I need on my chest. Right now Hamlet is the heaviest baby I have at about 4.5lbs. The weight of a reborn right on the middle of my chest is very soothing/calming. I’ve thought about weighed blankets, but they get too hot after awhile (so only in the winter would they help) and besides, I’ve found that weight only on the middle of my chest works (don’t know why it’s only that spot). I’ve tried with a 12 pound kettle bell, but even with a pillow it was too much solid weight in one spot and you can’t cuddle it. lol My only options were using bags of my glass beads in a pillow or a bigger baby who could handle more weight…plus when I’m having anxiety in a public situation, no one really pays attention to having a reborn on my chest like they would if I had a kettle bell or pillow full of glass beads.


I am the same way with the weight. Currently have a 13lb 7 month June that I carry with me everywhere. I am a sensory seeker and I got to have that weight lol.


Reborns were a similar thing for me at first, but were never enough weight. When they were heavy enough, they weren’t comfy to hold. I tried weighted blankets and found they also weren’t enough when I was really anxious or having a meltdown (autism). So when a service dog was mentioned as part of my treatment plan, we decided having one of his tasks be “Deep Pressure Therapy”, essentially laying on me in a specific way to give enough weight and pressure to calm me. I needed a rather heavy dog to accomplish this, and I also needed a fairly tall dog. So I have a 70lb mix breed slightly taller than a golden retriever.

There’s something so soothing about cuddling something comfy and heavy! It’s so helpful for many different things! And I’m glad reborns have been so helpful for you! They’re just so special!


Exactly! That’s why I rotate the babies.


I have not been diagnosed but there are times when I am feeling down and I usually paint. I have slowed down on painting and prefer light weight babies, but when I paint my next larger baby for myself I am going to weigh the baby heavier than I normally do. I have thought about the weighted blankets but hot flashes with a thick heavy blanket don’t go together. :upside_down_face: Thanks for the suggestion @AmandasyReborns @Ladybuggirl @OliviaR


Depression and anxiety are awful to deal with. Glad these babies bring you comfort. :blush:


Hot flashes…I am in peri menopause I think, so yeah, a baby definitely is the better choice than a blanket!:persevere:


I just purchased one of the seconds Kinby kits (Nathan), so I can have a “reborn” that I can fall asleep with and not worry about messing it up. I’m going to try and weight him a little heavier than probably what the real dolls weigh…I believe this weight with the reduced worry of damaging anything will help me relax and fall asleep easier. There have been numerous times I’ve fallen asleep with my zombie Morty on my chest and my hubby had to take him and put him in his carseat, so I don’t roll over on him or have him fall off the bed and hit the floor.


I’m autistic, I’ve dealt with bullying and depression as long as I can remember. I’m 53 now, married but we never had children. It gives me lots of comfort to hold my reborns.