What to do

Send it back to the seller…any chance for that???

I’ve fixed dolls for a friend before…more paint, better hair, and still didn’t really think of it as my baby.

I think if I bought a doll and stripped it all the way down and re-rooted it, it wouldn’t be the other artist’s work
anymore…it would be mine.

I would just state that it is a reborn that you purchased and have enhanced it with your own special touches. I would be specific on what changes you have made. I would send the original certificate and maybe one of your own stating it was enhanced by you.

1/2 of my business is reborn repairs or reborn makeovers. If I strip the kit remove the hair the paint, etc and redo the entire baby it is my work and comes with a COA stating it.
If I re-root only and do not touch the paint. I clearly state that . I do not however mention the original artist . For two reasons. a.) I don’t want them to be embarrassed or upset that I am working on their baby b.) I usually have no clue to who the original artist is.
If I touch up something, lips, fingernails, toenails, reattach eyelashes, change the body I simply state what I have done and what I have not done.
Sounds like everything you are doing you are remaking the baby from scratch so it is your work.

It seems to me that in this case you bought a kit to strip. So the work would be yours. Not sure how to handle the rooting issue. Maybe, say “professionally rooted”? IDK. But, that baby is now your work,except for hair.

I would just list it and tell how it worked out
You bought and then you repainted it
Just say it like it is that is what I would do