What to do about uneven texture on fingers?

Ugh. I’m so frustrated trying to blush these fingers because the vinyl is not smooth.
I saw someone mention varnishing the fingers and toes and I tried that but it hasn’t helped the paint look even. Maybe I didn’t put it thick enough to fill it in? Is there anything else to make the vinyl smooth? It’s so frustrating because it looks like a bad paint job.

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Ugh I hate when that happens. Try thickening your paint mix a tiny bit and applying it mostly to the areas with less paint and pouncing very lightly to blend it. If that doesn’t work try varnishing, baking several times and then apply blushing again mostly to the light areas still. Hopefully that will help it stick.


That’s so frustrating. I’ve had a similar situation and used 99% rubbing alcohol or Windsor Newton Brush Restorer on a q-tip swab to very carefully remove the paint in those small areas. I washed the vinyl with Dawn soap afterwards, rinsed well then repainted with Genesis Paint thinned with Thinning Medium only (no mineral spirits). Areas painted with the Thinning Medium are always shinier but the final coats of varnish removed the shine.


Thanks I’ll give these a try. I love her fingers on her open hand so it’s killing me that they don’t look good. Lol.

If that doesn’t work, you could try lightly sanding them with a nail file.

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Thanks, I used rubbing alcohol and lightly sanded it and it looks better. It’s all cleaned off but now I’m scared to put more blushing on again :grimacing: wish me luck.

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They look really smooth. Good luck.

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I lightly blushed them and it looks pretty good. I think I need to find a finer grit though for next time.

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There’s one called superfine that would work very well.