What to charge on bellyplate

Hi ladies…just had a question about adding a bellyplate. I have one i got on sale at BB but no idea what to charge her to put on the baby
.What would you charge extra?
Also are there any tutorials how to attach it? i heard sew it? is it sewed on one side then strung across to the other side? i havent the first clue .Guess i should look this up.

Never heard of one being a permanent part.(sewed) usually just set on held with diaper. Cute for pics but in my experience customers prefer to buy with out the plate.But most of mine have gone to children. That may be the diffetence.

Haha guess i said sewed because it has 4 tiny holes on the sides big e nough for thread maybe even thin string.
i looked most here say ribbon…guess i go with ribbon if she acually buys.
You know how that is i dont count on a buy until money is in Paypal

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I charge $25 to paint and add ribbons to the belly plate plus cost of the belly plate and shipping if not going with the baby -if shipping with baby I dont charge more shipping

I think the ribbon is just to tie it around the back… sort of like an apron.

They are mainly used to photo/posing… if they want it on when holding a torso would be better…

Interesting even so

I tie them in the back with thin satin ribbons.

Thank you all .
If she actually buys ill do just that …Ribbons.

Oh how much do you add for a tummy plate?