What to buy?

I know that you should buy kits that you like, but what is better to buy? New kits, old popular or just whatever you feel like?lol

That’s what I buy. :blush:


I buy kits that appeal to me, ones that have what I call the aaaww factor. Occasionally I buy one just because it’s challenging.

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I’ve only bought kits I liked. I figure if i’m going to spend time toiling over it and signing my name on it so to speak, it might as well be something i like looking at. :slight_smile: problem is, i want to keep them all … and i would if i was working right now!!! :\

If your main goal is appealing to buyers, then i guess get what’s popular. If your main goal is to churn them out and sell quickly, I’d go with the on-sale or seconds from BB.

Get a kit that appeals to you. You will do better work if you are passionate about that particular baby!

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Thanks everyone. I have a few kits right now but I keep watching twin b and saskia.

I buy seconds kits that I like. Buying seconds makes it easier for me to make a profit without having high prices. Lower prices means more views on eBay. I only buy sculpts that I know I will enjoy painting. I don’t buy ones that I can’t see my version of when looking at them online.
Sometimes I splurge a little bit, like with Bonnie Brown kits especially, and buy more expensive sculpts.

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I try to really like every baby I make, but sometimes I buy a popular kit just because I know I can make some fast “dolly dollars” on it. I have to like it a little though If I get a kit I really can’t “bond” with, I just sell the kit or it will sit on my shelf forever.

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