What size clothes

… do Shyann and blinkin wear?

Wow… I am going to have to say NB on Shyann and isn’t Blinkin smaller than that?

I’ve done Nod in soft body & full body and he wear Preemie size. I would say Newborn for Shyann

I have two Shyann’s and they wear large preemie or small newborn sizes. Blinkin wears a preemie size.
You are right Marlen…sizes vary dramatically between brands and places of manufacture.

I must be doing something wrong because I was going to say preemie for Shyann and doll size for blinkin and nod. My 20" ones can’t even wear half of my newborn outfits. But I think they have Chelle’s bodies instead of the ones with leg bumps.

My Nod is in a Chelle’s body with full limbs and fits perfectly in preemie. Here’s is a soft body Nod with Gerber preemie shirt
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and here is a boy Nod with the hard body in a preemie from Walmart (Child of Mine)
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I think it may be more the maker of the preemies - GERBER preemie is very small, whereas the Child of Mine brand runs a bit larger.

As long as we are talking clothing size - what size do the Rubert quads wear? Is it (small) newborn?

I have four that I want to dress to be siblings.

I’m really confused about Nod and Blinkin sizes. I have a soft bodied (BB body) Nod that wears newborn size but when I purchased a nb Christmas onesies for the hard bodies, they were way to long. I guess it is a brand thing. It’s hard to find preemie clothes other than sleepers. Makes me feel bad for mommies with small babies born in the summer.

AS to the inability to find cute preemie clothes except sleepers it makes sense. Preemie babies need to be kept warm and covered due to not being able to maintain their body temperatures consistently. Also, the more caloric heat they use to keep warm the slower they will grow. So cute sleepers that cover all but the head and even then with a hat are the way to go.
Sucks for us though…LOL
Good luck everyone in finding what you need for your dolly families this year!