What should I price these twins?

I’ve decided I’m going to sell my twins so I can pay for a new pair of special crutches(smartcrutches $120 per pair! Ugh)

What should I price them? The bigger one is for sure a Boo boo(especially since when taking pictures I almost dropped him and though I caught him I then scratched his face… because of course I did…) plus I had some issues with the chalk pastels crackling…

I am not good with prices. I would do your cost for supplies and your time. Then consider the lowest price you’re wiling to receive for them. You’ll have better luck selling them separately but advertising them as twins. (Not everyone wants or can afford a set of twins)


When I started I was happy to get enough to buy another kit = about $50 to $60. What is it on one of the baby’s forehead and on the jaw? Looks like cracks? I would put them up for auction separately with starting price at about $49


I agree with @ludmila. Be sure and list the boo boos in the auction.

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Be sure and put Boo Boo Baby in the heading - a lot of people actually look for them because they know they can get them cheaper and buy them as “firsts” for their kids/grandkids to see that they are responsible enough to care for them. .