What sealer do you use?

Hi all! What sealer do you use that doesn’t turn white when It dries? Every time I seal a baby and let it dry, I have to rub off a ridiculous amount of it which is time consuming. Please share what you use and your technique on how you apply it. See my photos on how the baby looked before and after sealing. I have a lot to wipe off today. Smh

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I dont let it dry.
I mix ghsp satin and matte. Let it flash dry for about 10 minutes then bake. Cool then bake again.

After I am all done I use decorate soft touch with a pinch of cornstarch. It air dries. I like the feel and look of it better. The satin has a slight sheen to it and the soft touch mattes it more without being rough.


Thank you!!! What is decorate soft touch? Can you send me an image of it please?

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Deco Art Soft touch, or Americana decor Soft Touch. I don’t have pics but you can find them easily in craft store or Amazon.


I use this one t%C3%A9l%C3%A9chargement


I use Genesis thick medium…and like jlesser…I don’t let it dry all the way…flash dry and then bake.

I can see it crusted around your baby’s nose too…I use a small stiff-ish brush and pounce all the places where the medium is too thick or gets stuck!!

I apply straight from the jar and wipe it on like you would put Vaseline or Desitin on a baby!!
Very thin and smooth…then I pounce the dickens out of it immediately…if it dries very much at all…it just makes a mess…so I will do the forehead area first and then apply to the cheeks and chin…and then pounce that…and do neck last.

When I’m done with the face and neck…I apply a small amount with a tiny brush to the brows and then take a toothpick and “draw” over the painted brows to create “hairs” with the medium.


The one I currently use it the blue label
There are pics of the 2 kinds in this link. And I have heard they are discontinuing the separate tubs/bottles and making one with a new label. (also shown in the linked post)

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The ashiness can happen when you put too much too.


Thank you. Great feedback. I put it on pretty thin but I do realize on some vinyl it ‘crusts’ over more than others. I was mixing thinning medium with a little paint thinner. But I’m going to try these suggestions.

@qmanni Hope it all works out for you! When I use Soft Touch Varnish sometimes I add the flesh color that I am using to the varnish. I use Air Dry Paints.

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