What kits?

These are my grandma’s dolls that she has had for years. Any idea what kits they are? Or if they are from Ashton Drake/Paradise Galleries? Just curious because I remember always wanting to play with them as a kid but I wasn’t allowed. I just remembered them lately.

Thanks in advance ladies! :slight_smile:


I don’t know but they sure are nice!

Ashton drake Emily

Both are styles of Ashton Drake/Linda Webb Emily

@morgan123 are you going to reborn them?

I remember the ads for these. Its a shame they don’t look as real as the one in the ad.
Would be pretty reborns tho

No. They are my grandma’s. She has had them since the, like, early to mid nineties. She loves them how they are lol.

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I remember these dolls being what got me into reborns. I always wanted to play with them but was never aloud lol

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