What kit should I get next?

I’m one of the weird reborners who doesn’t keep a stash of kits, so I have none here. I’m having trouble picking a kit again. Last time I decided on Darren, who is great. I’d prefer a non bb kit, because bb kits cost too much with shipping and customs charges and it’s not worth it. I prefer newborns and preemies. Sleeping or awake doesn’t matter. One thing I hate is preemies with chubby limbs. There are some kits with cuteish faces but their limbs don’t match the size/age of the baby and I can’t get past it.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!




Not a fan for some reason :confused: He’s cute but I don’t know.
And this is the problem, I don’t like any of the new kits that are coming out.

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I want to like her, but I’m so tired of smiling kits that I just can’t. That and I swear I’ve seen 7 million versions of her so far lol

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Laura Tuzio Ross is having a sale (posted about it this morning on facebook) buy one, get one free surprise kit… shipping and bodies not included


The sale will probably be over before I sell a doll. And random scares me lol I’m so picky about kits

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Thanks for all the suggestions though! I really appreciate it

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Xander Brace, Bellami Gregory, Bonita Donnelly, Milo Kolpin

Have you done Chase Brown yet?

I like Levi and Chase.

Tony Legler :heart_eyes:

what about twin a or b?

Blessing by Marita Winters is a sweet preemie. I want to paint her someday.

Thanks everyone! I kinda like Chase some days, and some days I don’t.
I’ve painted Levi, Twin A and B and Blessing lol I don’t like painting the same kit more than once generally. Though I love Blessing enough to paint her again haha She’s my favorite