What kind of glue to seal bottles?

Hi ladies,
I am really frustrated as I have tried to use E6000 glue to seal bottles, but it slips out as soon as it dries. This makes me sad, because I love bottles lol. Could you all please tell me what you use to seal your bottles and where you buy it?
Thanks a billion!

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I bought a small tube of clear silicone at Walmart I put a blob on a toothpick and put it inside the nipple at athe hole then add more around that then I add a small amount on threads before screwing lid on to prevent small hands from opening let silicon dry in nipple before attaching to bottle




Thanks so much ladies!

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:tropical_fish: where do you get that?

The one from Home Depot is Aquarium Sealer too. I think someone told me it was better than the others, I don’t remember who. I think it was @wispywillowrebo


Thank you :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks everyone! My school has spring break next week so I will be reborn shopping a lot…hehehee :joy:

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I do the same thing. Sometimes I fill the nipple tip completely with clear silicone if I think it will be played with roughly by a child

The only complaint I had is that the silicone I purchased from WM did not come out very clear, in fact the first blob did and then the rest came out somewhat opaque and so you can see it inside the nipple which is annoying. Anyone know of a brand that comes out really clear?