What I did today

Got up. Showered. Dressed. Had breakfast. Did some housework. Spent half the afternoon (more than two hours) online with PayPal trying to find out why they took money from my PayPal balance when I had specified my credit card as the preferred payment method. First I was told it was because there wasn’t enough money in my PayPal account. When I said that shouldn’t have anything to do with it if I’m paying by credit card. Then she said it takes 72 hours to update your account when you change the payment method. Never happened before. She said PayPal automatically takes the payment from your PayPal balance first but I’ve made credit card payments before when there was money in my account and it wasn’t taken out. We went round and round, back and forth, with the end result being that the only way to avoid this in the future is to not keep any money in my PayPal account and just pay with credit/debit cards. I never heard anything so ridiculous. Anybody else having this problem?


That is ridiculous. I have never had a problem. I have a balance in my PayPal account and I am able to use my credit card with no problem.

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The only cases when PP gives me different options of payments, others than preferred CC, is when I choose Friends and Family. And even then it ask me if I want to use my PP balance. I had no issues with my PP.

I’ve had this happen. Not sure about other sites but if it’s an Ebay payment it will automatically take what’s in your PP balance before your credit card even if your card is set to be preferred method, unless you specify it from your balance only. it can be annoying as I’ve had it glitch and not work or just plain forgot to select it so if I don’t want my balance using for whatever reason I do this:

Log into Paypal, see what’s in the balance. Send all/ whatever amount I want of it friends and family to one of my own email addresses (must not be the one connected to the PayPal account).

Check I’ve had an email for receiving it but DON’T accept it. Balance should now be lower/zero and any purchase will go through credit card as usual.

Buy what you want, wait a couple of days for it to be taken from the card then decline the money you sent yourself and it will go straight back onto your balance.

(Works like a charm but it’s a good idea to send a dollar or two as a trial first to make sure you have the right email address for yourself!)


I don’t use friends and family. One of these times was a purchase from Dolls By Sandie. The other was to patpat.com Ordinary purchases. I didn’t want it taken from my PayPal balance which is why I changed the preferred method of payment to credit card.

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Paypal always asks and I chose where the payment should come from.I always keep a good size balance in my PP account but sometimes hubby will have me order something for him and will have me use bank to pay and I have never had any problems.

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So, it sounds as though the solution was no solution! :slight_smile: