What ever came of this?

Back in 2021 Brandy Coffee was sculpting a kit and took preorders. Then she dropped off the planet. There were people saying “she was having some issues”, “health concerns” “is honest and will take care of it” etc….yet here we are two years later and still no kit and certainly no refund from her for the kit I paid in full for. I messaged her a couple of times and crickets.
If she has peoples money and she indeed has some issues she is dealing with then she should have had someone to help get these kits distributed or our money refunded.
No one should have “issues” for two whole years with absolutely no response or attempt to explain the situation.
This showed up on my fb today.
What I’m wondering is if the people who purchased or made deposits through macs or irresistibles or the other places ever received their refunds. I reckon I’m stuck out over one hundred dollars since I paid her directly.

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irresistables.com and macphersoncrafts.com never got their orders, either. It’s just marked DELAYED. She is listed to order as a custom at stillmomentsnursery.com but Nikki says she orders them as orders are placed to her. It looks like what you found on your FB is from 2021. Weird that it would show up now.

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It showed up in my memories because I posted about it in 2021 on my page as I was excited about getting the kit. I believe Brandy also asked us to share so that’s why it showed up today.

Sooo…these companies still have everyone’s money and still waiting on kits?

No. They were only on pre-order at Irresistables and they took it off pre-order. Same with MacPherson’s. I would hope they both refunded any money paid to anyone who chose not to wait.


Looks like she pulled a “Tina Kewy”.:rage:


Glad to know the companies did refund preorders. Unfortunately I trusted her as an artist and paid in full directly to her and of course, by the time she disappeared it was too late to do anything about it.

Has she posted anything anywhere since 2021? If she was having health issues, could she have passed away?

Is this her? Looks like she hasnt posted since 2021.