What do you use for toddler and larger babies?

I have the baby bottle drying rack I use for the smaller babies, but they don’t work for the the larger doll….what do you use when reborning larger dolls to hold the kit parts? :heart:

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My hubby made these for me out of regular old pvc pipe you can get at a hardware store really cheap. It’s what I used to paint 3 month Joseph. I hope this helps… You can make them any size you need. For the kits with smaller flange openings that won’t fit on my stand, I just add longer wooden dowels to the inside of the pipe (which I also used in the first photo to get Joseph higher off the table)


Thank you :heart:

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I have the pvc kinds that I made and also my husband made a 2x4 with holes that long dowels fit in :heartpulse: oh and I’m working on getting a board with holes that hooks go in. What’s that called again?? Because I can’t just work on one baby at a time. I’m currently working on at least 5. Body parts everywhere!! :joy:


Large S hooks and a rod or you can hang them from a craft cart, curtain rod, shower curtain…

Flip a stool or chair over?

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I use this most of the time, but I’d flip a stool over in a heartbeat. :sweat_smile:


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