What do you think

Hi everyone! Yesterday I posted a baby on reborns.com. I received this email, do you think it’s legitimate? Thanks for your advice. Lori

Umm…HEY IM TEXTING u about this baby girl I wont this can u save her for me I really
looking forward to this reborn Oo do the reborn come with more stuff if it do ill buy it plz
an thank u

I think anyone with grammar like hers is not worth believing.LOL

Its probably legit but like it was mentioned I would ask for a deposit. Also don’t get me started on how young adults text. It drives me crazy! Spell it out fully or abbreviate it when its possible without having to take a decoder class to try and figure out what they are texting. I’ve actually deleted friends on fb that do that. My cousin was one of them. She was really bad about every word spelled funky but I think the actual problem is she couldn’t spell things correctly so she would make up fancy ways of spelling the words and she was too lazy to use auto-check. She actually lost a good job for her spelling at the DMV office because of this. Mam, how do ya want yours name spelled like on yo rezgistrakion.

I agree - answer the questions and see if it goes anywhere.

Thank you ladies! I replied thanking her for the inquiry and explained that I will need a 50% NONREFUNDABLE deposit. The ball is in her court now. I’ll just wait and see. Thanks for your input!

I’m sure it is a child. When I posted on that site, those are the type of messages I got.