What do you do first?

I tend to do creasing before anything else! What step in painting do you guys do first? Thought this might be interesting!

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Veins first, then mottling, then blue shading, then creases, then everything else.


3 washes first, then mottling, then washes again. I build my creases gradually with every mottling color, but final creases - at the end with detailing and blushing.


Two skin layers ( washes ) then veining followed by mottling


Veins first for me!


I use the Primary Method and first layer is red, that is what I do first.

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Veins are always first for me (outside the priming layer)
I build up creases with every mottling layer and go from there

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It depends on the skin tone I want. Sometimes I will do some skin layers to get it dark enough, or sometimes I neutralize. But usually I do mottling while I slowly build up creases.


I always start with my skin tone and skin tone mottle layers and then I do veining, undertones, and early creases.


Round of primaries starting with red


A flesh 08 wash to seal the vinyl
Blue undertones
Mottling layer
Mottling layer
Mottling layer
Mottling layer
Wash or washes
Light starter blushing layer
Blushing layer
Blushing details
Tiny details

Flesh color as a base, and then I do creasing and blue undertones. Mottling comes after that. Veins happen whenever I can’t think of what to do next :laughing:

I do veins first, after primer layer

I’m all over the place, depends on the day. Sometimes I want to see a big change happen fast and sometimes I spend more time on the details at first.

I matte varnish the kit, then start on the different colors of mottling ( makes it so i dont need as many flesh layers) then flesh layers, more mottling a couple more flesh washes then i add blushing. Then its creases and shading. Once i feel it has enough realism i seal the paint. I dont ever use the matte varnish straight from the jar. I use a small mason jar to mix a fair amount of varnish with mineral spirits to a whole milk consistancy, which makes it so the vinyl doesnt feel rough.

Usually Flesh, bake, then veins & shading, bake and so on.

I follow the U F tutorial so I do primary and start with yellow , red, blue. Am I doing it wrong

There is no wrong way when it comes to painting :slight_smile: