What do I do?

Yelena, I am so glad you are able to do that for her, I was hoping when I read this that someone would offer, I wish I were able, this is so kind and generous of you.
Many Blessings,


He tries his best lol He doesn’t always know exactly how to help, but he tries


Thank you! No, I just love our little, sweet, always helpful Victoria :wink:


Love is Love, and he certainly does love you this is the help he gives you.


Definitely! He brought me his toy rocket ship and licked my tears. He’s a good boy!


Thank you Penelope :slight_smile: . It’s not like I just gifted Victoria the money. I know that she will pay me back. I probably should handle it differently, via PM, so people would not think that I did it for show. I just wanted her to come down fast.
I am working on abundance affirmations, so it will return to me abundantly :wink:


It never crossed my mind that you were doing this for show, it seems to me you were caught up in the moment, could sense Victoria’s pain and did what you knew would help her. This is Love for another in my mind.


Milos Meadows is also a very sweet person. Everyone needs a little help now and then. That is what we are here for. :slight_smile:


It will in one way or another. You are not suffering for money and you had the extra to help her. I see it as simple as that. I offered myself a while back. It is just what people do.


Awwww… that is so sweet. He really does care about you and tries to help you already. He will be a wonderful support dog when he is fully trained.


Thank you, yes he really does. He’s the sweetest boy ever! He’s doing such a good job, especially in public! I never posted about it but before this messed me up, everything got better financially :joy: and then this came at a bad time after 2 vet visits and buying him a new vest.


Totally, and one was for my senior guinea pig. So her health is very much worth it.
I certainly will!! Here’s some pics of his near gear, he looks very professional. And yes, he’s still wearing his halter. It’s not a muzzle. I’d appreciate no comments on it lol

image image


I thank you for the fact that you helped her in a way that I could see. You have inspired me to spread kindness through your wonderful example.


If she just paid deposit, then she has no choice but wait til you sell her! Anyone who gets a deposit uses that for supplies…that should be understood!


Your act of kindness and generosity just blessed a lot of people on here Yelena…good job❤️


Thank you ALL for you kind words! I am humbled. It wasn’t really a big deal to me, but I knew that it was a big deal to Victoria. It helped me to sleep better knowing that that sweet stressed, crying, shaking girl will go to sleep with a smile on her face.
I am sure that if I would not see that post someone would help Victoria in the morning.
My personal believe that it’s no co-accidents in the Universe, everything is a perfect orchestration. It just happens that I stay on the forum after 2 am (which I don’t do lately), it just happens that I opened that post and saw it before other people did.
What is interesting that earlier that evening I’ve got PM from @PhotographyForLife saying that I was nominated to receive RAK (Random Act of Kindness), which surprised and humbled me to no end. So it just happens that I was giving a chance to return it back to the Universe :slight_smile:

And I Thank You All for being my friends!


That’s awesome!!


You are so awesome, it’s so nice see such kindness. Very inspiring! :two_hearts:


So kind of you :heart:


I’ve been away from the forum so long, to come back and see this-- @YelenaRey , your kindness is a shining example of what is so beautiful about this place. Because everyone here is supportive like this. Many with words and support because that’s what they have to give. Sharing hearts and kindness and love are what we all need.

I’m going to tell my kids this lil story in the morning. And all of my students when we make it back to school (names kept private, of course) They’re the way to a happier world- with help from kind and caring people like yourselves. Thank you, Yelena, for making a positive impact on the world :heart:

Much love to you, @MilosMeadows! You deserve every drop of it :slight_smile: