What do I do now?

Beginning of february, I ordered a Bailey kit on the website of Nathalie Scholl. Reduced price an shipping to Canada, great deal and I was excited to finally having such a nice kit other than BB ones.

But I waited, and waited and nothing as been sent.
So at the end of the month, I send an email via her site. No response. I send emails via paypal, no response.

I just open a case yesterday, since I think I give her enough time now. Maybe to much time.

If she dont response, what is the next step ? It’s a first for me.
Who knows her ? Is it usual for her? I may not want to buy any of her kit after that. Not professionnal to me.

I am sad and just want my money back.

I got a Bailey from her before. I want to say she has 2 emails. …I think mine was overlooked for a little while. I will look once on my computer

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I looked at my order from last year… It took her 8 days before she saw the email but I ordered during her preorder of her new kit so she was getting a lot of emails to her other account. Once shipped I got an email from the Canada Post with the tracking information.

It’s been a month now, still no responses from her two mails and no shipping.
I am not in a hurry to receive it, but I really like to have at least a sign !


Is there maybe a phone number you can call?
Otherwise I’d send multiple emails. She’s gotta respond sometime…

Did they give you an idea of when you should expect the item? If there was some sort of delay on the expected delivery date then the seller should have contacted you.
I would say open a PayPal case if you get no responses back.

Her last facebook update is november 2017… and her site is 2016 oct…maybe I should have look at this before ordering. But, if she dont do business anymore, why her kits are still avalaible for purchase ?
I can’t see nothing about delay.

I have open a case yesterday, hoping a response. Sure, I would prefere having the kit, but my money is still in her hand for a month now… I feel like scammed, it’s not a good feeling.

Paypal dont show you the item was shipped ?

Ok just wait PayPal to step in if no one contacts you back. Good luck.

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That is unusual for her. She isn’t a scammer. Leave the case open to see if she’ll respond. I know that she’s had issues in her life in the past. It’s possible something is happening there and she just hasn’t been online. All I can say is that this isn’t normal behavior.

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Ok, so I will let her some time. I always understand when people had issues.

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Yes, Natalie is very ethical and a wonderful business person. So.something has gone awry. I. Sire she will respond soon.

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I just saw her business page, I think.
Good to know.

Just receive a e-mail from her, kit ship today with apologies. was in rénovation for few weeks. I can understand, but when in business, must check emails and orders even when busy! I am relieve now !


I knew Natalie would come through for you.

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