What color wash would you do?

I’m finishing up my Alma asleep and she looks a bit off to me… I usually finish up with a sap green wash but feel like it would not look great with her. Her skin tone looks a little purple/green dead to me, even after 3 yellow washes.

This is the first time I’ve done a darker Caucasian skin tone, so any honest feedback or suggestions are greatly appreciated!


It looks a bit grey-ish in the pictures. I think I’d try yellow ochre. But not sure if that’s the right solution here.


I agree that she looks slightly gray, but looks great otherwise. If it were me, I may do either yellow ochre or ochre/umber wash or two.


personally burnt umber is what I would do

Sorry about the super shine, I’m working on skin texture, so need to matte. But I think 3rd wash was the charm. I did 2 yellow ochre and one umber. I’m not sure if she needs one more, but looks so much better already!


I would do burnt umber myself.

I would do burnt umber with a touch of blue to tone down the orange in it a bit.

I HATE Burnt Umber-----I love the color wash but it always separates into little bitty brown dots on the skin and I can’t tolerate it!! Does anyone else notice this??


Mine does separate but it doesn’t make chunks on the doll. It easily mixes back in with each stir. (ghsp)

No, not when you mix it----I mean it leaves the ‘skin’ with tiny little dots of brown instead of a nice smooth color wash. It drives me batty!! I don’t use it because of that.

Mine has never left anything on the kit, but I always stir it first.

Mine does what Jenni does and settles in the jar but if I give it a good stir, it’s fine. I noticed it does separate more with Mona Lisa then it does Gambsol.

Mine did that too! I even tried multiple jars and it always left tiny brown dots, so I stopped using it too.

I hate it too. As a new artist I was so surprised how it’s even recommended by so many artist. Ugly brown poop color :frowning:

Thanks, I’m glad I wasn’t the only one it happens too. I gave up on it. And yes, I do stir it very very well, doesn’t make a difference.

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Mine left the “dot” look regardless of what it was mixed with. I have both thinners.

Hmm. Well that is strange. I use it on every one of mine. I do only use it with the Gambsol though and it’s always super thin with blue mixed in.

I had issues with it separating, using both gamsol and Mona Lisa, with 2 jars I bought from BB. I ended up getting a jar directly from Genesis and didn’t have issues with it. I don’t know if BB adds something, or maybe they don’t mix it well before transferring to containers or something. I have had issues with other colors granulating from BB also.