What are they?

I have a Sweet Pea awake. What ARE those big thumbprints above his eyebrows supposed to be? I don’t like how they make him look. I tried filling them in with3-D thick and he looks so much better. The only problem is it’s a little bit visible so I’m not comfortable selling him as is but I hate those dents.

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I just got my sweet pea in the mail yesterday I can’t don’t like anything about it…well the limbs are ok I guess.
The head seems massive and the dents make her look worried. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with her yer, but she’ll probably end up some sort of fantasy baby. Can you post a photo of what she looks like with the dents filled in?

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This one, they should modify. I’m not able to upload pictures here from my phone anymore. When they rearranged the forum format it messed up this feature. I might remove the 3-D thick and see if I can dremel around the dents to make them less noticeable but I can only do that if the vinyl’s thick enough. I can email you a picture if you want to PM me your email address. Is yours awake or asleep?

Ok I’ll PM you.