What all is involved with shipping to UK from US?

Hello, it’s me again with her another post office question. :joy:

I’m on reborns, set to ship within the US only. A lady from the UK contacted me, I thanked her for her interest, but told her that I’m not set up to ship internationally. She contacted me again, insisting that het daughter needs this particular doll, no others will do. She’s asking me to make an exception.

Okay, how big of a deal is it to ship from here to there? I’m also concerned about the baby staying in good condition. Plus I have no clue how to calculate shipping or what to tell her about the duties over there (unless she is supposed to know this already). Is it even worth the extra hassle?

This is the baby. Wouldn’t she be better off getting a similar one from a UK artist so she could avoid all of those fees?


I have no idea if it is the same as shipping to Canada but I would think it is. I have shipped to Iran many times but they went to a military person. Today I mailed to Canada my first sale and I hope everything goes ok. The post office clerk was very helpful giving me the forms to fill out for the box and shipping was more than 50 dollars. You can calculate shipping on the internet usps.com . They have a calculate button and it will give you a good idea of the actual cost.


Shipping to the UK is easy, but it is expensive. The only way to get tracking all the way from start to the final destination is expensive, over $100. But if the buyer is willing to pay it, then I wouldn’t worry about it.
All you need to do is fill out the customs form. The buyer will have to pay customs fees on their end, which also adds to the price.


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I did not know there are American military in Iran?

Weigh the doll in the box it will be shipped, measure the size and then enter it in the shipping cost calculator on the Postal Services site. Then tell her and ask her if she is aware that she will pay tax to receive it. It is up to her to find out how much. Usually it is % of the value over certain, small amount - like 15 pounds.
If she asks for you to falsify the custom paperwork, by declaring lower value, do not do it. That is a criminal offense, and why would you risk getting yourself in trouble. Also, if the doll gets lost/damaged insurance would only pay what you declared.


As far as I know we don’t have any more. My son was in Iraq but, Do not know if I had some type of blurb or what. We haven’t been in Iran for a while.

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