What about Mohair

Any advice on where to buy mohair and what kind (kid, yearling, adult)? Also, any tips on rooting (needles, angle, etc.)? Thank you.

Custom doll baby on YouTube. Kim went over lots of rooting info in her videos.


Thank you. I did watch the videos but was wondering where to get mohair, preferences for needles and tips or tricks other than shown on the video.

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Many people like J’s premium mohair, or angora mohtique, both are pretty affordable and way better than ruby red mohair which is not good quality.
The higher prized mohair on BB is also nice. I used it in Jacky Kramer’s rooting class.

I also use the pink coated needles from heavenly illusions, macpherson sells them.

Thank you! Does McPherson ship to US? As I recall they are based in Canada.

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yes. Free shipping if orders are over $100

Lower orders you get a separate shipping invoice once packed up and ready (I think… I always order over $100)

Good to know, thanks.

If you will use spy glass you will find many recommended mohair sellers mentioned on this forum. I just put another order today with HairForDollsRU on Etsy - that is the most affordable, however it’s in Russia and it takes time to get it.

Thanks. I saw that one on Etsy but wasn’t sure if it was good quality since I’m new to this. Do you use kid, yearling or adult mohair?

Just got my first hair from Golden Fleece and it is amazing!


Shipping is not bad from MacPs.

How did you order it, do they have a website or is it on FB?

Thank You, I’ll need to give them a try!!