What a collector expects

This is a little you video I watched this morning. This lovely lady is a collector, she represents our clients. I think this is information most of us know but I thought I would share anyway


It’s kind of strange to hear all this from the “other side” of the transaction, but she’s right on all points as far as I could tell.

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the only point I disagree with is not working on any side projects while customs are waiting. Sometimes I need to put a custom aside for a day or so and give myself a break, so I may go and work on another baby. That doesn’t mean I don’t care about my custom order, or that I am pushing it aside to work on my own things. I’m not a robot, sometimes I need a step back.


Very informative!! I wasn’t able to watch the entire video just yet but, I’m definitely going to finish listening tonight. Thanks so much for sharing!! :wink:

Very reasonable expectations, I think. I got the impression that she wasn’t saying an artist needs to work only on one custom at a time. I think she was emphasizing that you need to stay in your allotted time frame. Taking breaks is part of why it takes weeks😄

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