Well, I did it...wish us luck!

My Kyle is now listed on eBay. Cheer him on, please. I am so frightened that nobody will bid on this baby and probably more frightened that someone will bid on him and then not like him!!


Karen the auction looks great!!! I am sure that whom ever get him will love him!! He is soooooooooooo cute!!! BOL

Thanks, Tonya!!

Thank you, Tina and Connie!

No fair i was listing mine tonight lol I will wait untill the first of the month.Good luck i hope he goes really high.He is beautiful i had a lot of fun working on mike i love the legs.

Yeah, I’ve been watching the Kyle’s on eBay and it seems NONE of them are moving. One can only hope.

Hi Heather!
Thank you very kindly. Although no bids yet, he does have a bunch of watchers!

/me crosses my fingers!

So happy to see you have bids on your Kyle. I just love that sweet face, and I’m sure his new mommy will too.

He is adoreable and congratualtions on his adoption.

CONGRATS!!! on your baby’s adoption!!! way to go!!!

Thank you, everybody! He’s on his way to his new mommy right now as we speak!

Yes, he didn’t sell for gobs of money but I am still new at this and haven’t made my name known yet. But I will.

Thank you, Jaye and Heather! Bundles of Joy Babies is actually gone now. I changed names!! LOL But I guess I’ll always be bundlesofjoybabies here on the forum!

Blue Fairy Babies

Ten points to anybody who can tell me who The Blue Fairy is.

Aww its great! Thank you!! I love it!!

Yup, which was ‘borrowed’ from Pinocchio.

Awww, he’s adorable!! : ) His new mommy is going to love him!! : )

Thanks, Danielle, I believe she does!