Well getting more practice with hair at least

Two more bumpy babies. Ugh!


I love them. What great coloring!
I could totally see them in vintage clothing.
So cute.


Thank you. Baby skin isn’t flawless right!! I’ll just tell myself it’s baby acne!

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Are you using Genesis? You do beautiful babies and painted hair but I think your paint is too think.


I would suggest trying no white/cream or light flesh and more paint thinner. The consistency of milk and multiple thin layers


Yes I am. Thank you. Yes I definitely think thinner next time also

I think that hair looks great.

Thank you. No I’m trying not to. I’m also an artist and when I get this way I work even harder and get ocd about getting it the way I need. Hate not achieving what I have in my head haha. Same as in sketching I was so happy with this sketch I created in bed until the next morning I realized I used a purple pencil for part of it lol. I do one thing and that if I ever try to sell it will have to be to my standards before I do. So these babies will be making grand daughters and nieces happy this year and maybe advertising my work that way haha


I kinda like it with the purple😀

Thank you!

I like it! The purple adds a cool effect to the fur.