Weigh in, when, if, and how deal with a bad baby

I wasnt talking about this particular one…just “in general” :wink:

I didnt even know you could see pix of that one :joy:

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Totally agree!!!:hugs:


I have never listed a baby with ‘only a couple dozen’ photos. I do close up of face, hands, feet and hair. Pictures of full body, front and back. That’s it. I hate doing photo shoots and I’m sure not going to take that many pictures.


Reborning is art. There are no absolute rules. I’ve used air dry since day 1. I love the results and I’ve never had a problem. They aren’t inferior if they’re professional quality.
Here’s my list:
Use high quality products.
Use whatever method, primary or other, that works for you.
Remember it’s art. There are no rules.
Painted hair, rooted or bald doesn’t seem to matter. they all sell.
Don’t fret over people who think there’s only one way to reborn.
Love what you do. It’s your art.


Some do, and most of them are like the exact same picture, except maybe, they took a breath in between so its like a hair to the left or something! I never understood those that would have the exact same picture multiple times.


In my opinion it’s the art, not the medium. Damn if we were all in art school we would be painting these babies in soy sauce, motor oil, menestral blood blood. When you make art, you tell a story.

I think in this community disclosure is the bottom line, for me anyway.

If someone thinks one ain’t is better than another that is personal.

For me I want to see what you can do with your canvas and your medium, I want to “feel” your story.

But I am weird that way.

You and I are on the same page, that is not my super power.

I hope you didn’t think I felt air dry or primary method was a flaw I was (and I think failed) to give examples of detailed disclosure should be. Like I use a lot of color, all my babies have freckles, my skin tones run deep, I love to make fair babies, I paint with auto paint.

It’s all good, just let people know.

That how I feel anyway.


I hope you didn’t get that from my post. It wasn’t meant to be a list of “bad” things but a list of things you might want to disclose.

Nothing is wrong or bad, just let people know what they are getting.

Our clients can’t touch or hold it, the can’t see flaws, they also can’t see how well something is done. A photo isn’t the same as being with a baby in person.

You can disclose things you love about the baby, things that are not perfect, your painting style, how the baby feels in your arms.

No rules, just honesty.

At the end of the day it’s up to everyone to decide for themselves, it’s just my opinion.



Right on.

I think it’s important that people communicate what they feel and if it helps that’s awesome if not you get an understanding of where your peers are.

I agree but the price of mohair and the time it takes to root. The end result might be just as beautiful if you painted the hair but I have done both and rooted hair needs to cost more, it is labor intensive and really good mohair costs big bucks

Artists that root just don’t get paid enough in my opinion.

I like both but I enjoy painting hair more than rooting.

No way painting a head takes just as long as rooting.

Edited: I have been schooled on the time it takes to paint a head, we all work differently and have different skill levels. I am no where near as skilled as the two ladies below.

This is where I am coming from, correct me if I am doing this wrong. When you paint, you may bake between layers, then seal, maybe texture, not a lot of paint is involved, your tools are the same as painting a baby, no extra cost. When you root you have to map, or paint baby hairs. You have to purchase needles, tool (if you use one) mohair, and hope you bought enough, or you have left over that you hope you can use, it is so expensive. You put a single hair in at a time with a tiny needle, Then you have to do all the baby hair, cut hair, style hair, then glue hair in. In between you are picking out thicker strands, thinning or filling places that seem a little thin. I have had feedback from artists that root it takes a loooong time. Any rooters out there. I hope this isn’t about which is better, I prefer painting hair I also think it lasts longer and doesn’t require as much maintenance. If you paint a great head of hair awesome. If you root a great head of hair awesome. But I still think it costs more in time and materials to root. Both require skill and if you are gifted, bonus.


If you paint hair like @Alypants or @quiltsabunch - yes, several days.


Maybe I’m slow, but this took several days. This was done in many different layers. There are people who paint hair way better than I do who take this long or longer. Some people take forever to root, but there are also people right here on this forum who can root a whole head faster than I can paint. @Katinafleming is one that comes to mind.


@DollyPardon This hair looks so real! No matter how hard I try, mine always looks painted. It’s okay, but not even close to what you do. I keep trying.


Thank you @jeanhai. I actually started ending up with way better results by looking at pictures while painting. Have you given that a try? If not, you may really surprise yourself. :wink:

Just found a kit that looks exactly like my daughter, so I have perfect pics for that one. Can’t wait until I have time to paint again! :grin:


That hair is amazing! Even rooted hair doesn’t look as gorgeous as your Levi’s painted hair! :star_struck:


My painted hair takes 20 hours if I do the full detail. Sometimes more, and sometimes i can get by with 15. When I cut back the time, it shows, just like with rooting. I have rooted a few heads and it took a similar amount of time. I charge according to the amount of time I spend and people seem to understand.


Glad you chimed in @Alypants. I definitely had you in mind while commenting here because I know that you spend A LOT of time on your hair painting, which is absolutely gorgeous in my opinion.


Thanks…your hair is a beautiful example too. I see painted hair all the time that isn’t worth as much as rooting, and that ok, but quality is important in whatever I do and important to consider in the pricing. And painting hair is what I have spent the time training myself on to be marketable. Rooting is not fun to me, even though I love the result on a good rooted baby.