Hi everyone. I am wondering where you all buy your wedges from. I used to buy mine from bountiful baby but the density has changed and now i don’t like them as much. The ones from macphersons are what I use currently and they are the perfect density. I’d like to be able to buy in bulk though, and I don’t need anything else right now supply wise. I’d hate to just order wedges from macphersons. I have tried a few different brands also and they all came up short. I know you ladies will have good information for me as always, and I look forward to your responses!! :wink:

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I’ve used wedges from cvs n Sally’s beauty supply. I’m using a bag from Sally’s now.

I used the premium wedges from Walmart


Dollar tree. If I can find them

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I use both wedges and beauty blenders from Walmart

I used to use some from walmart, but mine stopped carrying the ones I used. Now they only have ones infused with vitamin e and I have no idea what that will do to my paints. They had the best ones I’ve used, nice and dense. I now use ulta’s brand but would love to be able to find usable walmart ones. Ulta’s are nearly as dense though, so I would recommend those.

I use the equate wedges from walmart. It says infused with vitamin e but i havent had any problem with them. I use heat set paints. I love the wedges and for me they hold up very well


Makeup section of any store, Walmart, Dollar Tree, Target, Walgreens, CVS, Wherever I can find them cheapest.

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I prefer those from MacPherson, I order a few packs and add the supplies I need like zip ties, rooting needles, neck rings…
I also use some from Dollarama but they are less dense.

I’m finding a lot of the brands out there are changing over to the less dense, cheaper wedges, and it’s very disappointing. Sally’s in my town no longer carries the larger dense ones. They’ve gone to the cheap ones that are too porous and break apart. Same with several of the drug stores around here.

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I use to use them too n thought they were good. They just didn’t have the pointed ends. The ones I brought anyway.

The problem with the ones I am finding is that they soak up too much thinner, they break apart easily., and are too porous. I would like smooth, dense wedges that compare to Macphersons. I have looked up reviews on both ULTA and Wal-Mart and am getting mixes messages. Some say that the quality has changed for the worse, others say they soak up too much make up which I’m sure would be the same with ghsp. Ugh! I just want some good wedges, why is it so hard?! Lol

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I find many that compare to wonder wedges and i HATE those! Perhaps I Will take a ride to Sallys and see what they have.

I use the ones from Dollar general

They seem to be getting harder to find and the last ones hubby found for me from a dollar store were smaller in size.


I have bought them at dollar general and Walmart at first they were good however like the others say they are really getting flimsy now and don’t hold up at all .
I could wash and reuse but now I do good to get by with just one at an application I find myself needing to toss and get another one while working.

I buy mine at Dollar Tree. Never had a problem.

I buy mine from Target

I got mine at Walmarts

I live in rural Northern Maine, we only have a Dollar tree and a Walmart. I love hearing about all the other stores such as “Dollarama” never heard of that one. Our Target is about an hour a way from where I live. I never had any issues with the wedges but I like the dollar tree ones over Walmart, and I paint air dry.