Anybody do customs? If you do, can you post a link to your website if you have one? Having trouble finding ones I like that my parents will approve of. They know nothing about reborns and my dad sees them as “Just dolls.” They don’t know how much they are allowing me to spend yet. Also, If you have recommendations for which sites to visit or how to get my dad to see them as what they are, let me know. Thanks guys! (The kit I want will be Priscilla. I wouldn’t mention this but I found many sites that don’t do realborns.) :grinning:

I do customs, I have just receive my Priscilla blank kit. You can see my work on LeabelleBoutique - Etsy

You can show your dad some google images and some youtube videos, that’s a good way to to familiarise

I would avoid the facebook reborn baby sale pages.I joined a couple a few days ago.I have never seen so much arguing and scamming.I may link my ebay auctions to those pages but as far as just selling or buying there ,I would not.


Check out reborns dot com.

Thanks everyone

You are so right about that.

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Nice bodies; do you make them yourself? But why are the arm tops so huge? It would be almost impossible to dress the doll .

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Thank’s !
I use chelle’s pattern and some of realborn ones.
It may be the pictures that make the arms look like that ! I assure you they are just right and can be dressed very well :smile:

Wow your really good. How much would a custom be? Gotta talk my parents into it and there making me choose an artist that does them for there idea of “decent prices” lol.

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fairy Reborn Babies

Custom price?

Mine are between 250 and 325$.

This is the one I was looking at:

Oh I understand ! It’s because it’s too big for this kit, it’s the only 3/4 arm full front legs kit I had at this time for the photos. Joey has tiny arms.
Thank’s for pointinting me this, I will redo some pics !

My artist was huckleberry nursery on Facebook. Amazing artist and so friendly!

Thanks everyone! I found an artist. I am going to order from @Leabelle