We are continuing our end-of-year tax planning sale (until end-of-day Friday)

ALL bodies are on sale @ 50% off!
ALL belly & back plates are on sale @ 50% off!
We have 50 kits @ 50% off…
…40 kits @ 40% off.
…All other kits 30% off.

And, 4 of the 50% off kits were JUST put back in stock:

  1. Summer Rain was put back in stock late Tuesday…
  2. Sugar was put back in stock today (Wednesday)…
  3. Landon Awake was also put back in stock today…
  4. Landon Sleeping was also put back in stock today…

Also, for Bountiful Baby customers only, I have created an OPSGEAR_BB coupon code good for 75% off the lowest shown prices on our sister site:


This is the site I mentioned in an earlier email, that I am closing down and liquidating everything. With the OPSGEAR_BB coupon code, there are decals, cut vinyls, and patches that you can get for $0.25 each (regular price $9.99 each). It also has duffle bags, range bags, gloves, and many more items that are sure to please the guy in your life. I am liquidating EVERYTHING on that site.

Use coupon code OPSGEAR_BB (remember the underscore before the “BB”).

Thanks so much, everyone!

Nevin Pratt, CEO


While sales are always appreciated, quality and customer service have been lacking lately. I am aware that some of the issues with quality are beyond your control if you want to remain operational. But there are customers who have made initial contact, sent requested photos and are still waiting for instructions on how to proceed after receiving defective kits that have yet to hear back from anybody.

If the quality issues are currently unavoidable, please step it up on the customer care side of things. We are all rooting for you, please don’t let us down.


Hi TrinityCrystal

Thank you for your post. May I ask, though, how was initial contact made? The best way to contact is via email to sales@bountifulbaby.com.

My daughter Averie is the customer service manager, and she makes sure that “sales@bountifulbaby.com” is staffed and emails to there are answered. If emails were sent there and they were not answered, we need to look into another problem.


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Will you guys have any Emmy 1/4 arms available any time soon? :heartpulse::heartpulse:

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I’m thinking you’d get a faster response trying to contact them at the email he just gave :wink:

I’ve had emails of that sort go unanswered too. My guess is they really don’t know how to respond. They’ve acknowledged there was an issue with the new factory and promised to inspect all new kits for flaws but I am thinking there are just too many and not much they can do about it. (Some of the flaws seem to appear over time… like some of my first quality kits are now completely yellow)

It would be nice if they would address it so we didnt feel like we’ve been left hangin but what can they say? The new factory sucks guys sorry but we can’t quality control due to the fact that everything we ordered has come back imperfect but this is the only gig in town cause we are stuck with few options trying to find a factory that will sign binding contracts and won’t rip us of and steal our sculpts and reproduce them behind our backs, so even though they aren’t really great they were desperate for our business to make some money so they could clean up thier factories and start producing clean quality vinyl :thinking: :rofl::rofl::rofl:
We wouldn’t understand
But it’s sad times we are living in, lots of people are broke and prices keep going up and money not coming in but we are the ones held accountable if we sell a painted doll and it turns up flawed or something happens to it down the road :pleading_face:


Yeah I did that too😂

I have a Ruby Completely yellow now, I bought it from a person here in the group, she was a top quality kit with certificate, now unfortunately I can not use that kit, when I received her she was completely fine without any problem, with the passage of time it became totally yellow and now unfortunately I lost a kit :broken_heart:

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I am sorry I am not seeing an inquiry from your email. I worry it may have been filtered though spam. Please resend it! “sales@bountifulbaby.com”.
Thanks so much

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Hi Cyn, Please email us and we will help you out with that!
Thank you


Really? Thank you so much :sob::heart::heart::pray:

Email sent, I will wait for instructions from you @bbsupport thank you very much

Is this also true of your sister site kinby? I sent a message to the listed email there and never heard back. It wasn’t that important so never pursued it but was disconcerted that it was listed as the best and fastest way to be in contact since the email was monitored all day long but yet never got so much as a yes, no, or boo to my query.


The same happened with Marnie and Claudia one I washed the other I didn’t so it wasn’t that. They were both In thier bags in a tote just chillin :pleading_face:


I know some kits just turn yellow being in your bag, it also happened with a Leg of my Skya kit

Please send us an email with details about your Marnie and Claudia kits, and we can help you with that too!
Thank you


Thank you so much @bbsupport I will let you Know when the package arrives :heart:


Hi Nevin. I’m sorry my response has been slow, I’ve been sick and not checking the forum as often as usual.

I should have clarified a bit better that I was speaking up on behalf of some ladies here who have made contact and were waiting to hear back. I haven’t personally had to email support in a long while.

I’m very happy to see that some of the ladies have had a response straight from the top man himself now.

I hope that you and the entire BB family have a happy, healthy, blessed and prosperous new year. :partying_face:


Happy New Year :heart_eyes::tada::tada::heart: and thank you so much @TrinityCrystal and @bbsupport :heart:

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Hi Nevin and @bbsupport !
I wanted to thank Nevin for amazing sale that you ran on your https://survivalopsgear.com site
We didn’t know what to expect, but after receiving the parcel today we are regretting not to order more (and I am speaking for several BB forum members here).
The items that we received are very high quality and would recommend them to anyone, and naturally want to order more :wink:
Any chance that you will provide a special coupon sale for your BB customers again in the future?

Thank you!

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