Wavy mohair just looks frizzy

Every time I try to root with wavy mohair it just comes out looking frizzy :weary: but it’s hard to find straight mohair. What do you guys do?

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I use a little leave in conditioner. Or I use regular conditioner in a spray bottle with water. Seems to help some

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Flat iron it-finish rooting-then spray with conditioner & it should go back to curly.I only did this once but it lessened the frizziness.

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What they said! :blush:

This is dry, before wetting

This one I wet, poofed up into little curls with a toothbrush, and let dry. It’ll keep the curls until it’s brushed out or re-wet. I usually just use water while I’m working, but a diluted conditioner is good for it to keep it from drying out. You can also brush it straight with water or conditioner and a toothbrush & it’ll remain straight once dry.