Watch out for this buyer - rich5281

First off He bid and won my little Annie for a Lousy 91.00 YIKES. He recieved the doll today and said he is sending it back today because his little girl says it is not the doll for her! She wanted a big doll…Not even worth fighting about since ebay will give refunds anyway…I am actually quite happy because I gave her away to him. He will be bidding on more dolls and I wouldnt take a chance with him if I were you. Why dont people read the ads before they bid…

Wow what a jerk. ugh better off waiting and getting good money for her anyways right?

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Wow what a jerk. ugh better off waiting and getting good money for her anyways right?

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Yes, I am quite happy when something like this happens when they are bid out so low…I Will put her back on after Christmas. I thought I learned my lesson with those low start auctions…This time I have for sure.

I guess she was meant to have a better mommy.

What a jerk. BUT at least now you can get a better price for her!

I have sold 8 dolls in the past few weeks and one buyer wants to return their doll, because they said the head is too heavy, even though the auction states that the head will need to be supported. I do not refund my auctions, only buy now items. I did refund an auction buyer once and she left me negative feedback, my only one, which I though was really mean, because I did refund her.

If someone wanted to send a baby back to me cause the head was to heavy I would mail them a ZIP tye and tell them to lighten the head themselves -no refund !!!

I am actually excited to get my baby home… I am the worst Picture taker and I know she is Beautiful… I would happily keep her for myself than sell her to some spoiled little brat child for $91.00 I hope that kid never finds the baby she wants… she wont get it in time Xmas… You cant tell I cant stand spoiled little brats Right!!! Sorry