Washing a partially rooted head and toddler cuddle babies?

So this is gonna sound odd but my dad found the Katie Marie head that I was rooting in our house and it wasn’t melted or anything! It seems fine other than its covered in ashes and it smells a bit like smoke.

My first question is, is there anyway I can wash it without her losing hair or paint? Maybe baby wash?

And my second question is, has anyone ever done a toddler cuddle baby?

I don’t know if it will work or not but it’s the only thing reborn related that made it out of the fire so if I can save it, I really want to.


I had a friend that bought a sofa that had been in a fire and smelled like smoke. She washed it in Ivory soap…the bar kind. And it took away the smell.


You could try baking soda inside the head to absorb the odor. Also sometimes putting it in the freezer can help. You should be able to wash it with a gentle dish soap such as Dawn. I wash my painted kits with dawn with no issues and I use air dry paints.


I’m glad something was left for you to be able to save of your reborning stuff. :revolving_hearts:

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