Wash color help

Ok! That is what I will do. I just did the final blushing before I took her pictures. I am hoping to get a second wind and get that done tonight! More pictures to come:-) I really appreciate you guys. I can’t thank you enough.:heart:

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Ok, I can’t take it. Getting my lazy butt off couch and back to painting station!

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LOL!! Happy painting!

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The inside of the nose and the inside rim of the nose need color.

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The crease color? Is the inside rim i between and below the 2 nostrils? I’m sorry If I seem slow… :frowning:

The first photo you posted of the head does not look like you painted the edge of the nose that is just above the lips. It looks like unpainted vinyl. The inside of the nose needs to be painted to look like it has depth (darker at the deepest part). Right now, I see a couple of specks of paint. I start painting the inside when I do my mottle colors and just add a bit of the red and blue and purple as I go. I usually look at the photos in the BB gallery to see how the artist reborned the kit if I have a problem area.

Well, let me explain! I did shade her nose… But it went on streaky and looked awful… So I opened her nose. But… The specks remain! Wow! Great eyes Bebe! So, now I need to shade the vinyl that shows… I am never sure what color insides of nostrils are. I keep looking at mine… But I think they are pretty white in there! Lol gross! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I meant Pua, not Bebe! Sorry!

I just went and looked at the prototype pic and enlarged the nose! By golly! Thank YOU! I never thought to zoom in on that before!!! :smiley::heart:️:+1:

Could you remove the dark paint inside the nose with acetone or Winsor Newton? I couldn’t tell that you had opened the nose. It will probavly look better when you back it, but you still need to paint the edge of the nose where it is unpainted.

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Thank you! I will, and I will post a picture in the morning:/) goodnight Pia! Thank you!!!:heart:

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I’m glad Pia brought up the nose, I had noticed but I guess I was uncomfortable pointing it out after bringing up the color and you being so tired and all. She’s right on in her suggestions, IMO.

You can use a Qtip with acetone to take out the stain but be careful not to touch your doll’s face and to not have too much acetone on the Qtip so it runs out of the nose. The color will come off the face so fast there will be no saving it.

I have to admit: I open my dolls’ noses but painting inside is a challenge after. I find painting inside once open is difficult because the vinyl can have tiny scrapes from my drill that hold paint. @pia Do have any advice about that? Anyone else? I just do the best I can with it bit it’s not easy. I start adding color early and blend trying not to have “dirty” spots but it’s difficult. Do you open the nose, Pia? If so, do you drill or use a melting tool?


Bebe, I tried to stop being frustrated and kept working on her. I will try and come up with a pretty rose color today and TRY the nose. There is so much to learn!

I still have lots to learn, too. I feel your pain.

If buyers realized truly how much work and skill go into a well made reborn there would be less sticker shock, I think.


Bebe, I open the nose and, although I love the look, have noticed the sides are difficult to paint. I was thinking about NOT opening the nose on my next doll to see how it looks.

Thanks for the response, Amy. Good to know I’m not alone. I was thinking of trying a heated tool to melt the vinyl as opposed to drilling. I figured that way there should not be rough spots but I’m a bit nervous about accidentally touching baby’s face with the hot tool.
Full disclosure: baby #1 I used a dremel and all would have been ok if I had noticed this higher part towards the base of the part that holds the bit also spins and is rough like sandpaper. When angling in the Dremel, the raised part took some vinyl off. I had to buff and sand under my poor baby’s nose for what seemed like forever to smooth most of it out. I have since bought a hand drill at BB.

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I like to open the no all the way so it doesn’t look like a skinny hole and I get nervous that I’ll hit the sides and ruin the head. Another reason to try painting instead.

Sometimes I find if the nose is a wide one and it gets opened too fully it can look too cavernous, if that makes any sense. If you look at the baby when it is lying on it’s back and you are at the feet the dark felt can show too much. I remember one artist saying once how it’s the illusion of depth we are trying to create and that the opening should not be too large. The rest of the depth can be accomplished with paint. I try to do that but it’s not always easy.

I do not open the nose on any of my babies, but prefer to just shade it. I have read that after opening the nose, that pure acetone on a Q-tip will actually melt the vinyl and smooth it up. You would want to do this BEFORE a you ever start painting!


Really? I know many people here say not to use it but I removed paint with it before (entire head - hair paint cracking fiasco). No damage. I might have gotten lucky because I’ve seen acetone melt things like plastic bags.