Was this the weekend of Rose?

I just looked at my dolly calendar (thank you, BB!) and was this the week/weekend Rose was supposed to be this year? Where there any plans for an online show or activities? I haven’t seen it brought up in a while so I was just wondering. Hopefully next year things will be back to normal. I would love to meet whoever goes to the shows!

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I think that was why they posted the behind the scenes real born video. I’m hoping there are more videos to come. They did say they were going to do something to make up for the lack of rose. Would be fun to do games and give aways like an online party @bountifulbaby @BBMelinda @EmilyBB

Any plans?


Ah that makes sense. It was very cool to see the behind the scenes!!


they are doing some giveaways on the ROSE expo page…


How nice of them! I don’t usually go on facebook so I missed this. I love that they are doing something to mark the occasion :purple_heart:

Well that’s not fair!!! We are all here!

I hate Facebook :tired_face:


BB must have really given up on the forum if they didn’t even think to share anything about that here. I have to admit I’m more than a little hurt


So we missed it??? :persevere:

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I am on Facebook and didn’t see it. That’s not fair.


I’m not on Facebook, I can’t even see what it is.

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Awe, wish I knew about it too. I have FB but rarely go on there.

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They aren’t even marketing anything through bountiful baby. It’s through rose. Nothing on Instagram either :sob:

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They may consider it separate businesses. Not sure.

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Still weird not to take advantage of the marketing opportunity

What is it?

Giveaways and videos

They gave away a dvd package from Jackie Kramer, awake realborn jade and a starter paint kit. Posted the video of the realborn scans that I shared yesterday… and a sneak peak of coral rose mini baby for 2021 Painting Coral Rose, Introducing our 2021 Mini Baby of the Year! - YouTube

I thought the whole bb forum was to help and to keep reborners informed of bb happenings ??