Warming feature?

Anyone know of a little thing you can put in the body so baby will feel warm when being cuddled?

If you could figure out how to get something like those Hot Hands for skiing into a pouch you might be able to get the baby feverish. I don’t know if it could damage anything if it were busted open though. So don’t hold me responsible

Heated rice sock, water bottle?

Ok,maybe I am crazy but didn’t some of the Ashton Drakes have some kind of thing like you are talking about?

Found that one,so it is possible to do.

Think this would work?

I don’t know how well it would work in a doll, but my mother in law recently found these rechargable hand warmers:

The reviews on this say it lasts about 30mn. My MIL bought more expensive ones that last 2-3 hours. Maybe sew a little cushioned pouch to attach to the body?

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Macphersons sells a body with a pouch on the back… I only see them for 20 and 22 inches, and 3/4 limbed though


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They have battery operated heated socks for hunting. You might be able to use it as stuffing in the abdomen but you’d have to have an opening somewhere to turn it on and off or to change the batteries

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Someone said their baby I made them felt unsettlingly cold and I said I would look into getting a body warmer… So I’ll mention it, but she already has a body, so ideally something that could go either in diaper or in a pocket in a onesie…

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Yes, @jlesser I recall seeing some bodies with an open pouch in the back, however I couldn’t recall where.

That is a strange comment to come across… hmmm. :thinking:


Maybe Babies By Emily, Plumpie Rumpie diapers,… could hold a heat pouch where the silicone goes.

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They are at the bottom of this link

but any cloth diaper with the insert pouch could work… and insert a hand warmer or something instead…

Yes, they are pretty neat. Expensive, but you are paying for the insert so probably wouldn’t make sense to spend that kind of money. Or maybe heat up the silicone? hmm…

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@jlesser what kind of heating element is that in the MacPherson body?

I did see these;

Oh, they are like snapheat.com - like @CarolinaCuties said

No idea… maybe therma beads or something generic?

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I have been living under a rock, lol. I have never heard of or seen Therma Beads. Looked them up, I learned something new today, thanks @jlesser

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