Waiting is so hard

Due to space restrictions I can only work on two or three kits at a time. What do you do when you are waiting on all of the for one reason or another? Either curing time or waiting for parts to arrive…what to do with myself! I’ve already reorganized, checked inventory, ordered more kits, etc. What do all of you do to kill time?

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Read the forums or watch YouTube videos, haha.


Do some other craft, or wash up my next, upcoming kit. Sometimes, if I’m waiting for something, I just put the kit aside and start another. When the part comes, I switch them back and make the newer one wait. (I return to the kit that was waiting on parts).


I’m so glad no one is suggesting to clean the house. LOL


Learn ukulele! (Not kidding :smile:)

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Read the forums, crochet, sew, draw or paint on canvas, gesso another canvas… If all else fails, wash a few dishes. Lol

But really theres not usually much time to do anything. I use air dry paint, but blow dry my pieces so there’s really no wait time other than setting it aside to cure when I’m done.

I didn’t know you could air dry…Do you use a hair dryer or a heat gun like for scrapbooking? I am waiting for paint to cure on a head so I can seal and root. How long do you blow it?

I use the same blow dryer that I use for my hair. I blow it full blast for a minute or two, that’s all. I used to just paint and hang on a rack, but force drying it right away has improved my work a lot.

I believe she means she uses air dry paints. This method would not work with GHSP. There is a special heat gun to use with GHSP but it’s only for touch ups not whole part/limbs

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