Waffle Question

So I’m considering trying doing a reborn “Waffle” on the Facebook page. But I was thinking about trying to paint some store bought dolls and doing that. Would that be frowned upon? I don’t want to be called a scammer or something. I just think they have really cute faces and would be adorable painted up!

Not sure many of the “waffle” participants are looking for play babies? You could sure try it. I don’t think it is discouraged.


Thanks! I was also thinking of just doing a cuddle baby instead cause that’s also on my list of things to try. And then make these guys for my niece’s!

I would say if you have joined there, present your question/ideas there and see if there is any interest before you go to the expense of doing it.


I agree with Pia. I don’t think you will get any interest with that, unless you will post it for $50.00 or less and some one wants a play doll for their child.

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In my experience… not worth the work! Gift your littles, they will be thrilled!

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