Vinyl chunk inside mouth

Have a doll with slightly open mouth .Didnt think it was a second but i bought it during BBs big sale 2 weeks ago.
There is a tiny chunk of extra vinyl on the inside of her mouth.
Anyone have this before ?Do i cut it with a razor or sand it away? Wonder whats best.

Can you post a picture?

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x-acto knife very gently then you have to smooth a little bit and it will be fine

What kit is it?

Its Willow Flower.
See the chunk on the left?

You should be able to cut it off with a very small x-acto blade.

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I agree with everyone else after seeing the photo. An x-acto would take it right off. You might not even have to sand it.

Great! thanks all.

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If you didn’t buy a 2nd, ask for a new kit or head

Thanks everyone…I cut it out and i think its all gone now.Had to file a little too but just a tiny bit.