Very very new to this hobby

I don’t even have a baby yet! I have no idea how I found out about this. I was surfing the web one night and somehow ended up spending the whole evening watching videos of people on youtube with their babies.

It surprises me that I’m so into this because I thought I didn’t have much of a mother instinct. I do have a son who is going to be a teenager soon. I don’t think my family will understand my new obsession, but I’m going to do what makes me happy,

I’m really wanting to buy a doll kit and make my own, even though I haven’t owned one yet. I am going to buy either Dumplin or Honey or Kate!

Anyway, I’m just introducing myself. I’m Heather and I’m very, very new to this!

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Welcome to the forum! Dumplin is cute. Honey was my first reborn I made. She was a good first choice for me. Kate is a very pretty sleeping baby I am currently working on.

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Thanks for the welcome!! I am wondering if I should do Honey. Were the eyes hard? I was thinking perhaps a bald and closed eye baby would be a best for a first one, but maybe I should try something more ambitious. Question: Should I buy different mohair and needles in addition to the complete kit, in your opinion? If I’m going to do hair, I want the thin baby hair like the photo below… The first baby will be for me. I’m excited and I can’t wait.

Thanks Xaviette! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Would you be able to answer my question in my last post above? :slight_smile:

I just ordered Honey’s kit plus the dark blue gray eyes and an oven timer. I may order some different mohair later after I have her put together. I’m nervous and excited all at the same time! This was a big purchase for me, being kinda broke lately… I am probably going to be on here with lots of questions and this will probably go very slow because I don’t want to mess up my investment. I’ll be talking to you gals soon

Thank you!! Are you keeping the head warm (stuffed with warmed up rice) during working? I had heard it was easier to root that way. Best of luck to you with your Honey and let’s compare notes when we’re done!

Hi, and welcome to the forum, I’m DJ. Definitely keep that head warm when rooting. I reheat the rice after about 45 minutes or less. You’ll notice a big difference. And when you first start out, you’ll break more needles especially the thinner ones. I still break a few per head after quite a few heads. Get different mohair. The Ruby Red straight mohair is barely usable and if you want to get hair like the photo, then try your best to get a better quality if you can.

:smiley: I was wondering what Paisley had closed eyes. My first 8 babies were sleepers.

Welcome Heather. You are going to love this addiction! Feel free to ask questions. There are lots of helpful artists here. I have found that most reborn artist are more than happy to share their knowledge.
Find an artist who’s work you admire and study it. Doing this has been helping me to develop my own “style”.

I look forward to seeing your first baby.

I would definitely get different mohair. I didnt like the RubyRed hair. I also prefer open eyes because it really makes the babies look alive and there are so many different colors to chose from.

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Hi There,
I am so very new to this hobby as well, and couldn’t believe how passionate I became about it. My very first kit was the Fen yen kit.(I think that’s the name of her). I completely finished her using Denise’s method of application. I followed her on You Tube, since I had no idea how to do this. I was satisfied with the results, being my first reborn, however, when I started looking at other reborns I began to doubt my work. Through a very slow process I removed all her paint and proceeded to re-do her all over again.
She probably doesnt look much different from the first time I finished her, however, I am pleased with the end result. She is adorable! I don’t think I could part with her.

Welcome, you will love making these dolls come to life. My family was already somewhat accustomed to my doll collecting so I had a start on that. I just finishing Dumplin (and the other three that goes with her). These are very cute dolls. You can’t go wrong with any one of BB dolls that you choose. Just make sure you have an oven large enough. I first purchased a countertop oven and really had problems with melting. I then got a Nuwave oven and it has been great. Good luck and have fun with this.