Varnish baking

I baked my varnished reborn arms and head for 15 minutes at 250 on one side. Should I let cool and turn it over and bake another 15 minutes? I have read so many comments on baking 8 minutes cool and turn it over and bake another 8 minutes. I’m totally confused. Have I messed up?

I have heard and done the 8 minute then cool off then do another 8 minutes then cool. And then I do it a third time. This works good for me. I believe I read somewhere on here that if you cook it straight through for the full sixteen minutes at once it could melt the kit from being under the heat for a prolonged amount of time

Thank you!!! I’ve already baked the head and arms once for 15 minutes. I’m going to let it cool and turn it over and bake for 8 minutes more. The legs I going to do as you suggested, 8 cool turn, 8 cool and 8 more. Pray, I haven’t messed it up!

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Whatever amount of time you choose, definitely cool the pieces and turn them over and bake again.

I usually bake my varnish 3 times. 265 degrees for 10 minutes. Cool completely, turn, repeat twice for a total of 3 bakings. Make sure to Cool completely between bakings. (turning each time)

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