Using an armature in June Awake!- UPDATE Armature in place!

Seeing Silvia’s picture of June standing up made me want to make my doll able to stand. I know she has bent legs, but would an armature work in her? Give her a little more stability and movement options maybe? Also- how do you measure for an armature size? Thanks for any input!!


I would like to know too.



Bump! Following…please help lol

I’m investigating and testing it this week! I’ll let you know what happens :slight_smile:


They sell armatures on sites like Puppentramland in Germany…Im sure there are others. Also Ive heard of people making them with bendable electrical wire and sewing a cloth sheath around them…that could be an idea as well.

I’ve heard about the wire ones but didn’t know about sewing a cloth sheath around it! That’s a great idea. I got a plastic armature, but maybe I’ll try the wire before it gets here.

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Ok y’all so this is what I’ve figured out so far. I bought June a 24-26 inch armature and I used my Toddler Liam byBonnie Brown body. I really like this body on her, although I think I will buy a slightly slimmer and longer one for when I really put her together. I didn’t realize how much polyfill I would need to fill her so I ran out. She’s a bit unstable due to this but I am hoping to get more polyfill soon and seeing how she is all stuffed up. The armature definetly helps her hold positions she couldn’t without it. However, she is still a little unstable with it in. Now that could be because she isn’t properly weighed or stuffed right now, but I also think a thicker armature would do her well(or maybe a pool noodle around her “spine” part). I can’t remeber what size I got but I may order the next size up, still a 24-26 length though. I also think that if she is going to stand she needs an armature with the head support as her head was flopping a bit. Anyways, still trying different things but I’m pretty happy with her right now. She definetly can stand leaning against things (like the couch Silvia used). But it is a bit harder to get her free standing. I think with a thicker armature, proper stuffing, and a head support that we can definetly get her to stand!

(Excuse her eyeless photos)

Editing to add pictures and that she is wearing a 6 months carters sleeper. But I think 9 month would probably fit better :slight_smile:


Dolls by Sandie has large armatures that would work. If you make 2 slits, opposite each other, in a piece of foam pipe insulation (like a pool noodle but narrower) it would fit down over the body piece of the armature with an un slit piece at the top to go into the head. You might have to zip tie the bottom where the slits are. Does this make any sense?


@RebeccaKatie Those posings are so cute!

Thank you! She is really fun to pose!

Thanks for the tip! I checked dolls by Sandie and for the same size as the one I got she doesn’t have a thicker one. The foam pipe insulation sounds like a great idea, I will have to try it!

My June measures 28” with the body made by @RoseannsBoutique. So I looked at Dolls by Sandie. An armature that size would be $35. BOO! So I checked eBay. I found one for $15. YAY! :blush:

I looked in to the ebay armatures but they are going to take a month to arrive. I have wire arriving from Amazon tomorrow. I’m going to attempt to make my own for my Emmy. I am really clueless on how to do it, it’s going to be trial and error I’m sure.

I found one in the US. I always bypass all that China stuff by filtering to show only products in the US. Then I use “sort” to put them in order from near to far. That helps weed out a lot of the China listings. :wink:


Check They’ve got all kinds of sizes and thicknesses of doll armatures.


That’s where I got mine. I should have linked it! It was only $11 or so plus shipping

Thank you, I think I’m going to order one of these rather then trying to make one.

TY for posting this! I’m going to use one in my keeper, if I ever get to her lol. The awake June is my favorite :slight_smile: