Used wrong mohair--ugh

I thought I was using the same tight black curly mohair I had used on my ethnic Jaylan. I try to label my mohair with the doll’s name so I remember who I used it on in the past. Somehow I screwed that up. I have completed half way up the sides, front and back. Wavy—not a tight curl in sight. My Yannick is no longer AA. Any hair products out there to make curls or does he stay of east Indian descent.

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Not all AA babies have tight curly hair. Some have loose wave or even straight there is no set type of hair just because they are AA babies. .


I know-- it was just the “look” is what I was going for.

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Is it long enough to roll on straws to get it curly?

…Maybe something skinnier. Thanks for the idea

Oh I understand that is what you saw that baby having when you started it. :grin: