Upset customer

On reborns a few weeks ago I responded to the email that you get when someone is interested in buying your baby. It gets clicked all the time, so I respond just to see who is serious versus who is not.

The lady asked me about how long shipping would take, so I responded that the baby was boxed up and ready, told her what state I was in so she would have an idea about how long it would take… I communicate with a ton of people with people who don’t end up buying, so whatever. That was that.

I just spent all afternoon going back and forth with this lady who was very upset. She emailed me for an update on tracking… huh?? I had to first convince her that she didn’t buy him. Then had to break it to her that he was sold. Then had to settle her down after that. But it was hard because her daughter was crying ect.

Now I’m sitting here trying to figure out if my communication was poor and contributed to all of this drama. Are you all saying something different to prevent misunderstandings?

In my payment options I put that the reborn will not be shipped until all moneys are received. I also state that if it is a completed reborn that it will ship within 48 hours. If she didn’t pay any money she can’t expect it to be a completed sale.


Sounds like a case of if you snooze you lose. You didn’t do anything wrong, sounds like you have good communication. It is hard to tell who’s serious and who isn’t. But when it comes down to it, money talks and bolagna walks! She didn’t even pay so she has no reason to be upset- save for error on her own end. Don’t let it get to you!


Thought that was common sense @angfay. :joy: Maybe not?? I shop on Amazon and eBay constantly, and for some strange reason they just won’t ship to me unless I pay them. Lol

I think she thought that because she clicked that button that he really was bought… I’m definitely going to include something in my listing about following up with me for payment options or something like that. Sigh.


Wasn’t your account acting funny though? Where it doesnt show that it has sold?

Maybe that happened?

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Nobody would ship her a baby without her paying.I am sure she knew she had not paid for it.Don’t let her get to you.All the crazies come out at this time of year.


@jlesser, when people click that buy button, nothing happens but a email saying to follow up to collect payment. I have never tried to fix it because I quite like the idea of screening customers. If they live outside of the US, they can’t just pay and leave me stuck dealing with a refund. Or if the person is unreasonable or mental, I won’t deal with them either. Those would be the kind of people who would just create problems.

I’m guessing the rest of you have it set for automatic payment. Like anyone can just click and pay… But even with that, don’t they have to put in their PayPal information or something? They don’t hold it there like Amazon does and do one click buying, do they?

Edited to add that the only way mine show as sold is when I manually change it. Nothing is automatic.


Maybe she thought that by clicking on it she bought it, BUT then she should have asked you how to pay. I would tell them when they ask how long to ship, I will ship within x hours from the time payment clears. Just in case some think they do not have to pay until they get the doll…

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I can see where it would get confusing for buyers if different vendors can set the button to do different things. But if she never sent payment she shouldn’t be upset that she didn’t get the doll.
You might make a note on your listings that the reborn is still up for sale until payment is made. That tends to speed up payments on other sites I’ve used!


Oh, no! I can easily guess what happened then! :sweat:

The person clicked “buy” assuming that entered them into some sort of contract (and probably assuming (A) payment was automatic (as, with PayPal, many things are these days, and they would get an email saying they had just sent a payment), or (B) she would get an invoice with a bill shortly- like maybe after weighing for shipping like McPherson’s)

They asked about shipping time assuming you knew they had “bought” it.

This actually happened to me with dolls by Sandy’s once. I bought a bunch of stuff and checked out. Never got the stuff… After a week I checked PayPal to find (much to my surprise!) no payment had been made!! :anguished:

Well, I STILL don’t know how that happened!! I just rebought the stuff and this time it went through (for some weird reason it didn’t last time- and I never figured it out! Maybe cuz I was traveling at the time? But I was still in country, just a different state?)

Anyway, it was probably a 100% innocent mistake

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It’s a shame that she’s upset, but she shouldn’t expect it without paying. You can’t buy anything without paying first.