(UPDATED) All Kits - Temporarily 50% Off - Here is why (and for how long)

UPDATE: This sale will be ending as early as late Thursday, but probably on Friday. The stated conditions below for ending the sale have been met, but we want to give everyone a “heads up” before suddenly ending it.

It’s due to a cash-flow problem, and the 50% OFF will last until the cash-flow problem is over.

We have been using a Line of Credit (LOC) with our bank for the ebbs and flows of our cash flow needs. About two weeks ago I completely paid off the LOC, and the LOC was inadvertently closed after the full pay off.

We have used this same bank for 30 years, and they know us well-- to the point where I just verbally say what I want transferred (to/from the LOC and the business checking account), and they do it without me signing anything. Well, in this case, I verbally told them to pay off the credit line, and they mistook that instruction to also include closing it. I guess this was my fault.

We are working to have this corrected, but I don’t have any idea how long it will take. In the meantime, we have vendors that need to be paid.

So, I am setting ALL kits at 50% off for the next few days. Either one of the following two events will end this sale:

  1. the bank restores the LOC (which they said they would do), or…
  2. we’ve generated sufficient cash reserves from the sale to meet our immediate needs.

I don’t have any idea how long this will take. But I am sure the time will be measured in days, and not weeks. So take advantage of this while it is there!

Nevin Pratt, CEO


@bbsupport Would love to order but I can´t as all off the sudden you don´t ship to Belgium any more ?
Thanks in advance for your reply.

I’m concerned about the vinyl…lately the kits are sub par…any information on this??


Me too

I ordered yesterday. Wish I had waited now.

Can I order again and have you add it to yesterday’s order? It would save me $50 in shipping

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Your transparency is refreshing.

You could have just said, “Hey look at how nice we are, 50% off because we appreciate you so much!”

I like your honesty, it kinda makes this feel like we are all working together, I hope it all gets sorted out.

and thanks


Thank you, I got a really nice big order with a lot of kits I’ve been wanting. I hope everything gets sorted out for you all at BB :heart:


#bbsupport Are you even listening to your buyers. These new kits are SUBPAR… I will not buy another kit knowing that there may be issues, and I know I am not alone…

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