Update on JBN Online Ethnic painting class

Just a quick update :hugs:

:blossom:JuiceBoxNursery Online Ethnic Painting Class​:blossom: (Facebook)

My online class is a step by step video tutorial on how I paint my Realborn Johanna kit. We are up to 82 videos! :open_mouth::heart_eyes: All videos are sorted into numbered albums and are available to access at any time. You can paint at your own leisure.

It is $230 to access the private group. You may also make payments and gain access when paid in full. More videos and picture tutorials will be added at a later date.
Please message if you have any questions! Happy painting :heart::heart:


For those of you who still have not, you should, most especially newbies. This class doesn’t just give you tools for dark skin tones babies, it shows you what brushes to use, how to blend and shadow, mix paint (GHSP) Paint eyebrows and all kinds of good stuff. She is very detailed in explanation and goes nice and slow so you can follow along.

I personally loved it and wish I would have taken it when I first started. Worth the money, and honestly she could have and should have charged more.

(For those of you wondering, I paid the full amount for the class and was not asked to promote it)


I would definitely take this class if I could afford it. It looks amazingly detailed and wonderful.


I love the painting you did on your Johanna in the pictures! The class looks very detailed. Do you teach only using Genesis Heat Set Paints with your class or can air dry paints be used as well? I would love to take this class when I can afford it!

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I joined this class when she first offered it. It’s very informative n very helpful. She will answer any questions that you have. Great for anyone wanting to learn ethnic painting.


@Gabriell @Msmimi04 Thank you SO much for your input! I really appreciate it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@rebornmommysince2013 Im not familiar with air dry but you can most definitely following along using it :heart:


You welcome, it sure helps me when painting ethnic babies. I remember seeing how beautiful your babies were/are before you offered the class. I’m so glad you offered the class. It has helped me with my ethnic babies.


So glad to hear! There will be lots more added as well :blush:

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Wow! This is amazing! I’ve been wanting to paint Ethnic babies, but have been afraid to take the plunge because I didn’t want to mess up and have the baby look unintentionally offensive.

@Jessejuice Is this a class that is offered on an unlimited basis? Like, even if it takes me from a few months to almost a year (shouldn’t take a year, but you never know what can happen) to save up, will your class still be available to purchase?

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Yes ma’am, absolutely. And you are more than welcome to message me at any time if you have any questions or need help :blush: