Update on Evie

Hey all. I’ve got some new photos and updates on Evie. I’ve been placing her on the boppy pillow close by on my bed, and I love having her close.

Love it when my favorite girls cuddle

I made the dress



That kitty with Evie is too darn cute! I love. This whole e post!

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Aww…I’m so happy that I’m not the only one who enjoys doing this! I’m glad you shared this! I need to find me a boppy for when I sleep in the bed instead of just laying her on a blanket next to me.

My Johannah is sleeping next to me right now because I get the bed on the weekends (my hubby snores really bad, so he gets the bed during the week because he works. I’m usually up painting at night anyway, but if I get tired I’ll sleep on the couch until he goes to work, then I get the bed…on the weekends he gets the couch). I have fallen asleep with her on my chest the past couple of nights because I have slept on the couch and since there’s not a lot of room to move, there’s no worries of her rolling off.