Update on Annika, Kissy, Madelaine and Mollylee Mini Toddler Reborn Vinyl Doll KitSet set


I was looking at them before and their didn’t appealed to me. IMO they are weird looking toddlers.


When I look at them, I see one Asian baby, one AA baby, one Caucasian baby and one unknown. I think they could be cute.


This is very strange to me… I need to see a prototype. I’m having trouble envisioning the final product…


I love them! But I probably won’t buy them.


Me too, not sure what the intrigue is about them, I see potential in them in some sort of way, lol


Maybe these will create some type of market for a more kid friendly reborn. Wonder if they look like a blank american girl doll-I never saw one outside a box. They look a little odd to me but I prefer them over bipsy, tinky and Andromeda??? Those totally freak me out.:grimacing:


Some badly done ‘real’ babies freak me out more than well done alternatives.


Maybe they will be more kid friendly and are more like the American girl dolls. They may turn out to be cute and may be good sellers for kids around Christmas. I told myself , not to pre order anything else until I can sell something, however I want to see how these turn out. I really don’t want to order until I see a prototype, hopefully they will come out soon


Prototype not winning me over so far