Update of my 10 inch Claire kit

Hello being MIA this last few days and trying to speed up my rooting on my 10 inch kit ,am half their just finished rooting half of her head and on top of her head ,now rooting on her bangs. I have being rooting 72 hours with minor breaks in between,my goal is to have her completed by thanksgiving god willing ,so maybe 12 to 14 days from now ,but time will tell , I Have only broken one 42 gage needle, that was cuz she had a hard spot in top of head from using the mud patch glue ,wish sometimes happens ,I had being glueing half Of head since I started rooting and giving her a small haircut :haircut_man:,that Way I can More less where to root on part of her hair section ,you can say am very organized and very OCD haha :joy:,after am done rooting her completely, will be taking a holiday break and take her out in public places to a reaction ,even know she is so tiny hehe :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:,she is starting to look cuter each time I work with her ,happy Rebornning everyone,be blessed :+1::blush::+1:

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That is an amazing amount of rooting! Good for you!

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My daughter say it’s the most beautiful baby . I thing she loves her !
Good work, It’s long to root but it will worth it.

Very tiring isn’t it??

Thank you :blush:

Omg :flushed: very tiny mi can’t believe that I actually survive in rebornning her lol :joy:,something to remember for 2019 haha :rofl: